A rare item

It isn’t often that I see a thing like this in this country, and so when I found it at a car boot sale, I couldn’t resist picking it up, working or not. Needless to say it didn’t, and much fettling was involved to get it to the point of even remotely being able to […]

Sacrifice at Vega

Roy had always been a man of nerve. No situation had caught him short of response or action. His actions had always been swift, merciless and bore the mark of one who had been thrown into a life of survival. Usually at all cost. Knowing this did nothing to temper the discomfort he felt at […]


Greetings all. At the encouragement of a few people, I am starting a story section here. At this point in time, I will be uploading my short stories that create environmental fill and background to events and characters in my greater, but unpublished “Dark Saga” works. I try to keep these very short and my […]

Prusa i3 problems, a story of madness

So in the last month or so, I have been experiencing feed problems on my RepRap Prusa I3. At first tops didn’t fill in correctly, then I started to notice wall issues and eventually large prints would not complete and every second print had to be restarted because the filament just chewed up. It became […]

Model train lighting Part 3

Greetings again. In the last post I discussed the circuit used in the model train lighting. Today well look at board layout.   Above is a completed board with the CR2477 battery, MSP430, resistors and tilt sensor wired in. This all went into a nice neat little box I designed for this project which can […]

Model train lighting Part 2

Hello again and welcome to this second installment on this topic. The last post here, dealt with the basic design and code for the MCU. Today is all about the circuit. Firstly the ability of the MSP430 to source current form a port is a little complex. It can sink a total of 48 ma […]

Model train lighting.

Greetings. This post is going to be the first in a multi-part post on adding custom lighting to some model train coaches. First some background. I am currently setting up an H0 scale layout modeled on South Africa. One of the reasons for this is that I have a few of my old Lima Trans […]

Quick hack – 18650 into a torch.

Greetings all Quite some time ago, I bought a cheap set of torches/flashlights. Nice looking little aluminum LED units in a pack of 3. The problem with them is the stupid little 3xAAA power packs. AAA isn’t really known for longevity, and frankly the power is just terrible. Enter the 18650 cell so called for […]

Adafruit MCP charger holder

Greetings I have been playing a little with some second-hand Li-ION cells from an old laptop in the form of 18650 cells. I have an Adafruit MCP 73833 charger that is LiPO/Li-ION capable in 3.7 and 4.2v with variable charge rate. Nice little board but it is exposed to the world, and anyone who knows […]

New LM8UU bearing holders for Prusa i3

Hello   So today I noticed during a print that the print bed on my Prusa i3 was wobbly, like a sea-lions bum wobbly. Not conducive to nice prints eh? I really wish they wouldn’t supply PLA parts for 3D printers. The stuff isn’t heat tolerant and just goes bad over time. Case in point […]