website-optimization-2-xlGreetings to the……….void, so far………..

So I decided to resurrect the site again, sort of. Just in a new guise. Obviously there was a kind of activity on the last one that I didn’t appreciate, but the new site will be more about my little projects, games and any other drivel I wish to effect upon those bored enough to listen.

So whats coming up?

Well I will be doing regular YouTube vids of bad driving, needless to say you’ll be able to get the content here with some added text commentary, I already have one here YDLAP

I am also working on a series on Kerbal Space Program called LGTD (Lets go to Duna). For those that don’t know, KSP is awesome (KSP). This series will follow me through design of the entire program to get to Duna (their version of Mars).

Finally, I have been working on doing an auto start for my home generator, all controlled by my Raspberry Pi.

So do look out for those, and see y’all soon.


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