In this entry, I’ll look at the pre-mission.

Duna-position-smallerNow as I had said before, pushing all that equipment direct from Kerbin orbit is sheer lunacy, or would that be munacy? I would like to setup a mining outfit on the Mun so that I can get fuel to the transfer vessel easier. I am not doing a short stab mission there and back either. I would like to leave work infrastructure on both the Mun and Duna once this is all done. Having a working colony on both is an end goal. Doing some work on the Mun also helps us improve any kit for Duna. I also have a position issue to contend with.

On the left is an image showing the position of Kerbin and Duna. An “ideal” trajectory is the one in yellow. This can only happen when Duna is in that free yellow circle relative to Kerbin. The green trajectory would roughly be the one I use if I had to launch immediately. That means a vehicle in transit for far longer than it needs to be. At this point, I have about 218 (Kerbal) days to develop, launch, and establish the Munar colony, before I have to launch for Duna. If I launched now, I would have lost any opportunity for learning.

So what am I going to do at the Mun? Firstly, I’ll have to send a surveyor to look for a good ore location. I certainly don’t want to mine in a spot where there is no ore or where the ore level is poor. Next I have to land an explorer which would seek out flat ground for me to land an ore processor. Obviously once found, I need to land the ore processor and, if the explorer isn’t a miner, then miners too. I would need to build mun/orbit transfer ships that would bring the  fuel to space based storage, and I would also need fuel storage on the Mun as well. Remember, I am building a long term colony there and it all begins with processing.

At this stage I am still unsure if I will be launching inter-planetary vehicles from Kerbin or Munar rbit, although right now it would seem that Munar orbit is easier as the fuel storage will be in Munar orbit and getting that back to Kerbin orbit has a fuel and time cost. But that’s something to figure out later.

Right, next post will be on the assembly and flight of the MOS-1, Mun Orbital Surveyor – 1.

Now get out there and fly.



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