This post, I look at the current hardware that needs manipulating.

Geny-fuelcock-1Firstly, I was worried about load forces on some of the items that needed to be switched, turned, moved, cajoled, or whatever else needed doing. I can report no issue on the movement of the choke control. It is near linear and very easy to move. A cheap servo with a long throw should sort that out. Next is the fuel cock (image on the left). Slightly harder to move, but I think a high force servo with metal gearing should do the trick, especially since I want to mount it more or less directly over the cock. The alternative would have been a fuel safe solenoid but really that’s expensive.

Next on the list is the starter switch. Its a 3 position switch with the following positions: Off, On, and Start. Switching between Off and On is not a hard movement, but the turning to Start requires quite a it of force, possibly even more than a high torque servo could manage repeatedly.


The alternative is to look at switching these positions electrically, and so the panel comes off. What I find is a sealed unit but with a 6 pin connector block (images above). For each of the 3 positions, I find the following shorts/contacts:

geny-starterplug-off geny-starterplug-on geny-starterplug-start

The only thing left is the breaker, which we will just keep engaged. The only other things I think I need to add are some temperature sensors, fans and the electronic controls.

I did make a video of me testing the switch connectors, but it turned out to be fairly boring and the sound was poor, so I gave it a skip. Next post will be about the design and may just contain a video, so keep checking.

And as I always say, just get out there and build something.


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