I recently received this cylindrical powerbank as a gift. Now, I have a few, and so I initially pondered another use for its battery. For some time, I had been eyeing the 3.7 LiPo cell I had pulled from another powerbank that would heat up to the point of searing flesh during discharge. I had wanted so see what could be causing it, but was non the wiser after the dis-assembly, and was only left with parts. Seems I had thrown this cell away, and probably rightly so as it was most likely the cause of the overheating.

So faced with another, although much better unit, the thoughts returned to pulling the cell and using it in a hacked together torch. And so it was that the mind wandered to the point of charging. Clearly this would require removal or some other form of inbuilt connectivity, but more problematic would be the charger itself. I actually wanted a nice setup, not too complicated and reasonably fast to complete. Then it occurred to me, everything I needed in terms of charging and output was right there, in the thing. and it looks just like a battery.

And so the thought was hatched. All I now needed was the shell for the torch, some form of usb conenctor and the LED’s – clearly soem sort of custom job not not difficlt. This design would have the advantage of having an all in one unit supplying 5V at 1000mah, the ability to pull it out for charging, AND I can still use it as a powerbank. Small nerdgasm ensued. But what if I didnt have to remove it from whatever housing I put it in, AND still was able to shove the thing into some charger. Girly giggles followed.

I also would like it water resistant. Bugger it, why do I always set myself up for failure by going too far? I want EVERYTHING. Ok, it doesnt have to be waterproof, just waterresistant, it inst a dive torch afterall. I could do that, some sort of robber seal. I’d also love it in nicely machined aluminium. DAMMIT.

Ok, so lets look at the electronics rather, we can worry about the outerz laterz.


LED’s – L-7104QWC-G  1900 mcd nominal, 3.3 v forward, 30 mA max,typical 20 mA, clear white

Resistor – 10 Ω, 1/2 watt

Switch – mostly likely some rubber covered push button type – casing dependant

Power – the powerbank of course.

More to follow soon.


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