Greetings all

So, yes we got there. Finally. Here is a quick rundown of the trip.

The crew on their way to the DUNA-LRV (Long range vehicle). All in one interplanetary engine, lander, and crew return vehicle.

Rendezvous with the LRV

Rendezvous of the rover, the final component stacks only once the crew have boarded.

Waiting for transfer burn window

And after many months in cold space, arrival and unfortunate polar injection into Duna orbit.

Rover on its way down to the planet in the hopes of finding a flat spot for the crew lander

Rover on the ground, this looks good enough, pity the lander never made it here

Lander on its way to the surface. Air brakes assist the chutes in slowdown, hopefully this way we don’t burn too much fuel on landing.

Lander on the surface, nowhere near the rover, oh dear. Are we shy some fuel? Bugger…….

Well, that went…………………ok………..I guess?!?! We wait eagerly for the space centre crew to figure out if we have an issue. Thankfully its many months before the window opens for a short transfer  back to Kerbin.

See you soon guys.


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