Today I’m talking about something my mother wanted. Shes found these paper dolls somewhere and is giving them to my daughter. Her father made bases for hers out of wood when she was young and wanted something similar for these. With the data given to me, my initial design looked like this:


However, it took too much material, and I took it back to this:

I should have taken video of the drawing process, but honestly its simple enough. 1st rectangle 100mmx50mm, second rectangle top left 100mmx20mm, third rectangle bottom left 100mmx20mm. Fourth and fifth rectangles from inside the area so that it creates a 1mm box in the middle. Extrude base down 5mm, and the centre section minus the slit up 10mm, chamfer edges and that’s it. Final product looks like:

So, anyway, the stl file is available here.




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