A rare item

It isn’t often that I see a thing like this in this country, and so when I found it at a car boot sale, I couldn’t resist picking it up, working or not. Needless to say it didn’t, and much fettling was involved to get it to the point of even remotely being able to see it operational. This is at least some of that story.

One Super Mario World game watch (not to be confused with the Nintendo Game & Watch, which I also own an example of), made by Zeon under license from Nintendo. Screen cracked slightly, wrist band chewed a little, no doubt by some eager canine or child. As I said before, it was found in a non working state, but I figured at the price asked (R25) I wasnt going to leave it behind. And so it was brought onto the geek bench and gingerly operated upon until it lay seperated into as many single parts as I was willing or able to endure.

So I first had to make sure I wasnt trying to fix a real dud. 1,5 v was applied to the power pins and sure enough, it sprang to life. With that confirmed, I proceeded to clean the thing. There was a lot of corrosion of the battery terminals.

I also cleaned up all the corrosion in the body and all the carbon buildup in the button sections of the board. The pictures do it no justice, but it is very small inside. Its clear that someone had done a repair job on this before.

As I didn’t want to redo that work and didn’t see the need to, it was left as is, I might have to go back and tidy up later. As the battery in the device was completely dead, another had to be sourced. It did take a while to find and purchase the A390 cell, but once it was acquired, I closed it all up and marvelled at my new toy.

There are, however, some remaining issues:

The strap will require replacement, it is barely functional and just barely fits me anyway.

More troubling is the fact that the down and left buttons seem to cause either a screen issue or a power drain problem as the screen goes completely blank when you push them, The down button is worse, and hence my thoughts on power drain, as a lengthy push on that causes a device reset 😵😡 .

The screen glass on the cover is also cracked. Unfortunately its not that easy to replace as there is a game specific edge bonded to it and at a casual glance it doesn’t appear easy to separate the two without doing damage.

Mostly due to the fact that the down and left buttons cause issues, I cannot completely play the game so I cant tell you how good it is. I am hoping to resolve the problems in due course.

Well thats it for the time being. See you later.