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A rare item

It isn’t often that I see a thing like this in this country, and so when I found it at a car boot sale, I couldn’t resist picking it up, working or not. Needless to say it didn’t, and much fettling was involved to get it to the point of even remotely being able to…

LGTD – We Got There!!!!

Greetings all So, yes we got there. Finally. Here is a quick rundown of the trip….

LGTD – Design Entry 3 – MOS-1

Greetings In this post, I look at the build of MOS-1 as well as some flight info….

KSP – Valentina Takes Landspeed Record

News just in. Valentina takes the landspeed record at 334 M/s or 1202 km/h….

LGTD – The Mun Rover Design Bureau

Greetings Welcome to another LGTD design post. Today, its the turn of the Mun Rover. A little rover that will help us look for flat areas to land on, provide transport for up to 2 Kerbonauts, and generally carry around enough nuclear power to put a small dent in the Mun’s surface….

LGTD – Design Entry 2 – The Orbital Surveyor

Greetings In this entry, I’ll look at the pre-mission….

LGTD – The Program Outtakes – Episode 1

Greetings This here set of posts are for the laughing. In our first episode today, pre-mission video of the Munar orbital surveyor, not getting very far on ascent. …

LGTD – Design Entry 1

Greetings Welcome to this first post of LGTD. It is really just a very high level idea of what I want to get done and some of the steps I aim to take to get there. So firstly, the aim. Get a ship and team to Duna, do science, and get back….