Paper Doll Stand

Greetings Today I’m talking about something my mother wanted. Shes found these paper dolls somewhere and is giving them to my daughter. Her father made bases for hers out of wood when she was young and wanted something similar for these. With the data given to me, my initial design looked like this:   However, […]

3D – Fish Tank Overflow

Greetings In this, the first post under the 3D section, Ill go through the thoughts and process of creating an overflow connector for my large fish tank. I have, until now, used a single pipe, bent over the top of the tank, connected to an irrigation valve that allows me to drain water and refill […]

3D – A New Section

Greetings all I am creating a new section for my adventures in 3D printing. I have had a Prusa I3 for quite some time (years) now and find it really useful to create one offs or hard to come by replacement parts. Sometimes I just print for fun. Well anyway, this section will be for […]

GENY – The Next Step

Well talk about taking forever to update. Greetings, and welcome to another (although belated) post. Work, studies and life have kept me from the page, hopefully this post marks a turnaround. Today, detail on program flow, microprocessor choice and other tidbits.