LGTD – Design Entry 3 – MOS-1

Greetings In this post, I look at the build of MOS-1 as well as some flight info….

SHORT HACK – The Powerbank Torch

Greetings I recently received this cylindrical powerbank as a gift. Now, I have a few, and so I initially pondered another use for its battery. For some time, I had been eyeing the 3.7 LiPo cell I had pulled from another powerbank that would heat up to the point of searing flesh during discharge. I…

KSP – Valentina Takes Landspeed Record

News just in. Valentina takes the landspeed record at 334 M/s or 1202 km/h….

LGTD – The Mun Rover Design Bureau

Greetings Welcome to another LGTD design post. Today, its the turn of the Mun Rover. A little rover that will help us look for flat areas to land on, provide transport for up to 2 Kerbonauts, and generally carry around enough nuclear power to put a small dent in the Mun’s surface….

NEWS – SpaceX Going To Mars

Greetings. Yesterday SpaceX tweeted that it is intent on going to Mars by 2018….

GENY – The Figuring Out Part

Greetings This post, I look at the current hardware that needs manipulating….

LGTD – Design Entry 2 – The Orbital Surveyor

Greetings In this entry, I’ll look at the pre-mission….

LGTD – The Program Outtakes – Episode 1

Greetings This here set of posts are for the laughing. In our first episode today, pre-mission video of the Munar orbital surveyor, not getting very far on ascent. …

LGTD – Design Entry 1

Greetings Welcome to this first post of LGTD. It is really just a very high level idea of what I want to get done and some of the steps I aim to take to get there. So firstly, the aim. Get a ship and team to Duna, do science, and get back….

GENY – Autostart, The Basis

Greetings So I try sell myself on the idea that this project is because I really dislike going outside to start the generator when we have power issues (I do, but honestly its only bad when its really cold, and even then its not so bad), or that I am really looking for a good…