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Quick hack – 18650 into a torch.

Greetings all Quite some time ago, I bought a cheap set of torches/flashlights. Nice looking little aluminum LED units in a pack of 3. The problem with them is the stupid little 3xAAA power packs. AAA isn’t really known for longevity, and frankly the power is just terrible. Enter the 18650 cell so called for…

SHORT HACK – Powerbank Torch, The Kit And Some Changes

Greetings. I managed to get my hands on some bright white LED’s, however they weren’t the ones described in the initial post ….

SHORT HACK – Powerbank Torch A Correction

Greetings A quick correction on the powerbank torch post here ….

SHORT HACK – The Powerbank Torch

Greetings I recently received this cylindrical powerbank as a gift. Now, I have a few, and so I initially pondered another use for its battery. For some time, I had been eyeing the 3.7 LiPo cell I had pulled from another powerbank that would heat up to the point of searing flesh during discharge. I…

GENY – Autostart, The Basis

Greetings So I try sell myself on the idea that this project is because I really dislike going outside to start the generator when we have power issues (I do, but honestly its only bad when its really cold, and even then its not so bad), or that I am really looking for a good…